Chrome Delete - Black Package

Enhance the look of your vehicle

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Do you want to improve the appearance of your vehicle? Remove its chrome accents, change its finish and stand out in style? Top Guard’s got you covered!

Opt for a more aggressive and sporty look

Add a touch of elegance, exclusivity and modernity to your vehicle by masking its chrome accents with black adhesive vinyl, or the same color as the body.

What is a chrome delete?

This type of automotive wrap consists of cutting the removable film, glossy, matte or satin, according to the shape of the shiny elements to be covered on the vehicle. The most frequently transformed places are window and trunk trim, door handles, emblems of your vehicle, rims, mirrors, grille (front grille), etc.

These few simple, quick and economical cosmetic changes will give your car a whole new look, while protecting the chrome underneath.

Why opt for a Chrome delete?

Add a touch of personality to your vehicle

Select the color, finish and material of your choice from our large inventory of matte, satin or gloss adhesive vinyls, and our carbon films. Come see us at the Shop to discover our hundreds of options.

Update the look of your car in an instant

Opt for a unique, chic, sporty and trendy look, inspired by the major car brands. Say goodbye to the shiny or damaged chrome of your vehicle and obtain a brilliant or discreet result, according to your wishes.

Maintain your car easily with our durable films

Prevent smudges, scratches and road damage to your vehicle's chrome components with our durable film featuring heat-activated self-healing technology.

Opt for a practical solution and save

Hide tarnished or scratched parts of your car without having to change or paint them. Chrome delete is a less expensive option that can be replaced or removed at any time without leaving a trace.

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