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Our Mission

Top Guard distinguishes itself by its desire to be the go-to in automobile protection in Quebec and more particularly among Tesla owners. To do this, we offer superior quality products and always place our customers at the center of our interventions.

We host our clients in a spacious, modern and clean environment. A full lounge is available on the 2nd floor for the duration of the works. Come meet us!

The Top Guard Workshop

Our Values


Our actions are guided by integrity and mutual respect. We treat our customers, partners, suppliers and team with consideration, understanding and diplomacy.


We share your passion. We build authentic relationships, based on trust, in order to provide impeccable service.


We honour our commitments and take full responsibility for our actions in order to satisfy each of our customers. Meeting your needs is our priority.


We prioritize high-end products and personalized customer service to ensure a premium experience. We want to bring you the best the market has to offer.

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Commitement and Quality

We are committed to making auto protection products accessible to everyone, without compromising the outstanding quality of our products and our excellent customer service.

We have created a company that continues to grow and is built on a solid foundation, propelled by deep-seated values, a distinct mission and an enlightened vision.

We make it our teams mission to identify the needs of our customers and respond to them with respect, confidence, responsibility, initiative, quality and professionalism.

We are dedicated to continually being on the lookout for market trends and technologies, developing new and more advanced techniques and innovating to exceed our customers' expectations. With the constant evolution of the automotive industry, our strategy is to raise the standards for automotive protection in Quebec and to secure our success with our competitors.

There is no doubt that with our wide range of superior quality products and our personalized service; we are your go-to in automotive protection.