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Do you want to give your vehicle a new look? Make its look more sporty, aggressive or unique? Opt for a less expensive solution than traditional paint to restore your car? Top Guard is here for that!

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An automotive wrap is the ideal solution to personalize the appearance of your vehicle without damaging the original paint when applying or removing the color film.

It allows you to change the appearance of your car quickly, with its amazing finishes, its original colors or its different textures, and to camouflage its slight imperfections. Our hundreds of adhesive vinyls, equipped with self-healing technology and an extended warranty, offer many advantages to car owners, in addition to allowing them to distinguish themselves on the road.

It is possible to completely cover the body of a vehicle with a full wrap, to highlight certain parts of the car with one of our partial wrap sets, or to opt for a bespoke design with our personalized options.

Over 300 options available! Choices for everyone

Top Guard offers you a wide selection of glossy, metallic, pearl, satin or matt films to personalize your vehicle according to your wishes. We invite you to book an appointment and drop by the Shop to discover our hundreds of colors and patterns.

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An extended warranty thanks to its self-healing film

Our colored films, whose installation is guaranteed for 5 years, are equipped with a self-healing technology which allows the wrap to return to its initial shape on contact with heat, and thus close minor scratches on the vinyl. When properly applied, the adhesive film conforms to each of the shapes it covers and can last for several years depending on the use of the vehicle.

A unique look that reflects your personality and desires

Applying an auto wrap allows for a unique and creative style addition. Vinyl allows you to change the color of your vehicle and its finish, in order to distinguish it from other identical or similar models. Our color, gradient and finish options are numerous. Our matte, chrome, metallic, gloss, satin, pearl or carbon vinyls can be removed at any time to allow you to change your design without having to repaint the car.

Increase the cash value of your vehicle with our stylish protection

In addition to attracting attention, vinyl wrap increases the resale price of your car by protecting the paintwork under its adhesive film from UV rays, scuffing, weathering and minor damage caused by road debris, such as small rocks, scratches, calcium, etc. The car wrap is a wise economic choice, since it allows you to customize your car according to your wishes, while offering you effective protection for years to come.

A smart choice that reduces maintenance and replacement costs

In addition to offering many artistic possibilities, car wrapping is much more economical and durable than painting. Depending on your budget, it is possible to cover the vehicle in whole or in part. When a partial application is chosen, the most frequently covered areas are, among others, the hood, the rear trunk, the roof, the mirrors, the pillars, etc. In addition to offering an amazing result that will make people envious, the wrap is easy to maintain.

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