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Vous souhaitez confier la protection de votre véhicule à nos experts? Vous aimeriez effectuer le travail vous-même avec nos pellicules? C'est maintenant possible!

Tame the Light

Solar films, regardless of their degree of opacity, offer several advantages and significant benefits to motorists. Thanks to their thin polymer film, they increase the protection of the vehicle and its passengers, as well as their visibility, while adding a distinctive touch. Plus, they protect the integrity of your vehicle by preventing the fading of leather and plastic from the sun.

With a lifetime warranty, our premium tinted films are installed inside the vehicle using precise techniques and instruments to protect them from the elements. Trust our experts for a bubble-free installation of tinted films.

Lifetime warranty on your tinted film!

Application d'un nouvelle pellicule de vitre teintée
Installation de vitres teintées
Pellicule pour vitre teintée

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Lifetime Advantages

Lifetime Warranty

Our tinted films are durable and adapted to Canadian road conditions. Resistant, they are guaranteed against the formation of bubbles, scratches, chipping, colour fading and vehicle window discolouration.


Sleek, they enhance your car's appearance and cash value by increasing its prestige and polished looks. You can easily customize your windows with the degree of opacity that suits you.

Prevents Glare

Our sun films block 99% of UVA and UVB rays which are harmful to your skin and eyes. In addition to providing better vision, they reduce glare from natural light or the headlights of other cars, thus helping prevent road hazards.

Heat reduction

Tinted films keep your vehicle's ambient temperature much cooler in the summer, allowing your car to cool down faster and conserve battery life for electric vehicle.

Shatter Resistance

In case of an accident, they protect the occupants of the vehicle from injury caused by shattering glass on impact. Thanks to our solar films, your tinted windows will not shatter. This is one of the many reasons they are a must-have with parents of young children.

Vandalism Reduction

While allowing you to maintain a clear and transparent view of your surroundings, our tinted films keep prying eyes away by limiting the view of objects inside your vehicle. In addition, they make the car windows more resistant to impacts.


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