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Our paint protection film preserves the appearance of your vehicle against various hazards of the road and corrosion. Composed of urethane, it offers several important advantages to car owners who want to maintain the original or current shine of their car. In fact, with its self-healing technology, it prevents minor scratches and scratches on your vehicle.

Guaranteed for life against yellowing, tarnishing, cracking or peeling, it is possible to cover all the smooth surfaces of your vehicle with an invisible film to protect its paint. Our experts will be able to advise you on the best spots to protect.

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Compelling Advantages

Lifetime Warranty

Notre pellicule pare-pierre transparente et très robuste est garantie contre toute imperfection ou déplacement puisqu’elle est installée par nos experts. Tel un véritable bouclier, elle protègera votre voiture des nombreux hasards de la route. Contact Us Now afin de préserver l'apparence de votre véhicule dès aujourd'hui.

Invisble Defense

Practically invisible, the film adheres to the vehicle without affecting the original colour and protects the glossy appearance of its paint while giving it a little touch of elegance. The film is often installed on the bumper, hood, fenders, wheel arches, running board, mirrors and the sill of the suitcase since these are the places most susceptible to damage.

Essential Protection

Our paint protection film protects your vehicle's paintwork against chipping and road damage, such as rock chips, dirt, insect or bird droppings, direct sunlight and the various splashes of harmful products.

Wear Prevention

It also prevents scratches, the corrosion process and rusting of your vehicle. Whether you own a new or used car, our paint protection film will prevent damage and save you the cost of cosmetic touch-ups.

Easy to Maintain

The paint protection film does not require any special maintenance. There is therefore no contraindication for pressure washing. Seasonal cleaning and wax treatment applied annually are more than sufficient to maintain the original appearance of your film.

Resale Value

It allows you to maintain optimal resale value by protecting your vehicle from the elements and degradation of its appearance under protected surfaces. In addition, this little aesthetic attention will appeal to the new owner.

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